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Green Thai Curry

Green Thai Curry This Thai green curry is the ultimate thai recipe that can be made at home without any hassle. 1 tbsp Coriander seeds2 cloves4 peppercorns2 stalks lemongrass5-6 cloves Garlic1½ inch Ginger1 inch Galangal3 Green

Nutella Pancake Bomb

Nutella Pancake Bombs. Eggless, wholewheat Nutella stuffed Mini Pancakes. These are home-made with whole wheat flour and filled with everyone's favourite Nutella!! 2 cups Milk 1 tbsp vinegar 2 cups whole wheat flour/ all

Bird Nest

Bird Nest It is a unique kind of recipe, which is basically made of potatoes and paneer(cottage cheese).It is basically a very simple recipe to make but looks very interesting and tough. As the name says it looks like a bird nest

Egg Bhurji

Egg Bhurji Egg bhurji also known as "Anda bhurji" is a dish originating from Indian sub-continent. It is a spicy and flavourful scrambled eggs recipe, which is quite famous in the streets of Northern india. It is

Jeera Aloo

Jeera Aloo Jeera aloo is a popular Indian dish where potatoes are cooked with jeera(cumin seeds)! This simple recipe gets done in minutes, you only need handful of ingredients to make this recipe. It is a favourite dish of almost

Jeera Rice

Jeera Rice Jeera rice is a flavoured Indian rice made by cooking basmati rice with ghee, cumin and fresh cream. Making jeera rice is one of the simplest and only needs a handful of ingredients. This restaurant style jeera rice are

Butter Naan

Naan Naan is the Indian version of bread. It is a Indian flat bread. This dish usually known as roti naan , cooked using Indonesian spices, such as garlic with local taste and can be eaten with gravy or any vegetable. There is a huge

Dal Maharani

Dal Maharani Dal maharani also known as "Dal-Makhani" is a dish originating from the punjab region of India. The primary ingredients of this dish are black lentils(urad), red kidney beans(rajma), butter and cream. It is

Veg Lollipop

Veg Lollipop A hot and spicy appetizer made with mix veggies or chicken drumsticks. It works great in almost all the party menu's. It goes well if served with hakka noodles and fried rice. An hot-sour-crunchy appetiser. 1

Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee The origin of dalgona coffee is from Macau, South korea. It is bascially made from just 4 ingredients coffee, sugar, water and milk. 2 tbsp Instant coffee2 tbsp Sugar2 tbsp Hot water3 Ice-cubesMilk ((according to

Chicken Caesar Salad

Chicken Caesar Salad 250 grams chicken breast (boneless)1 onion ((Finely sliced rings))1 big Capscicum (green) ((Julian cutting))1 big bell-pepper (yellow capsicum) ((Julian cutting))1 big bell- pepper (red capsicum) ((Julian

Paneer Satay

Paneer Satay Satay is typically famous in southeast asian countries. This recipe is a classic vegetarian recipe, of paneer which makes a perfect appetizer nfor parties or even as tea time. Satay refers to the chunks of marinated