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Paneer Chilla

Paneer chilla 100 gram yellow moong daal ((soak it in water for atleast 2 hours))1 tbsp besan1 tbsp maida1 pinch ajwainsalt ((to taste))red chili powder ((to taste))250 grams grated paneerfresh coriander leavesgreen chili

Ragda Petice

ragda petice 3-4 big potatoes ((boiled and meshed))salt ((as per taste))conflour ((according to the requirement))2-3 tbsp ginger, garlic , chilli pastered chili powdergaram masalajeeracoriander leaves1 onion ((julian cutting)

Corn Tikki

bhutte ki tikki 1 kg Corn (kernels) ((boiled and then crushed))½ tsp SALT½ tsp turmeric powder½ tsp cumin seeds1 tbsp ginger ((chopped))1 tsp green chili ((chopped))1-2 tbsp Coriander½ tsp garam masala½ tsp chat masala½ tsp

Easy Pizzy Pizza

easy pizzy 1 big capsicum ((julian cutting))1 big onion ((julian cutting))1 bowl corn kernels ((Boiled))5-6 pieces jalepeno ((optional))1 pack cheese ((grated))50 grams paneer cubes ((optional)(pieces))1 tbsp

Panner Tikka Masala

PANEER TIKKA MASALA 3 Onions ((chopped))5-6 cloves Garlic1 inch Ginger1 bowl Fresh cream200 grams Paneer ((Marinated in curd for atleast ½ hour))3 tbsp Magajtali½ cup Milk½ tsp Garam masala2 big TomatoesSalt ((As per

Vegetable Biryani

VEGETABLE BIRYANI 1 bowl vegetables ( Capsicum, cabbage, Carrot, Peas, Cauliflower , potato) ((Finely chopped))½ tsp Jeera2 Onions ((Julian cutting))1 bowl Rice ((Boiled))Garam masala powder ((As per taste))salt ((As per

Hariyali Paneer Tikka

HARIYALI PANEER TIKKA Salt ((As per taste))Red chili powder ((As per taste))½ tsp Jeera powder½ tsp Garam masala2-3 tbsp Coriander, Garlic (paste)Ajwain1 Capsicum ((Diced cutting))1 Onion ((Diced cutting))1 cup Curd100 grams

Egg Kadai

EGG KADAI ½ Capsicum ((Julian cutting))2 Big Onions ((Julian cutting) (saute it till its light brown in colour))1 inch Ginger 4-5 cloves garlic1 green chilli1½ Egg (Boiled)Fresh coriander leaves5-6 Kaju½ khus- khus2 tsp

Schezwan Egg Biryani

SCHEZWAN EGG BIRYANI 2 eggs omellette2 eggs (Boiled) ((For garnishing))2 eggs (For bhurji) (scrambled eggs)1 big Onion ((Julian cutting))1 big Capsicum ((Julian cutting))Rice (Par boiled) ((Quantity you can take

Healthy Vegetable Daliya

HEALTHY VEGETABLE DALIYA 1 cup spinach ((chopped))½ bowl Green peas1 potato ((Chopped))1-2 Tomatoes ((Chopped))1 capsicum ((Chopped))salt ((as per taste))Red chilli powder ((as per taste))Amchur powder ((pinch))turmeric

Pan-Fried Vegetables

PAN FRIED VEGETABLES 6-7 Broccoli florets3 Baby corns ((Cut diagonally))10-12 Green beans1 medium Carrot ((diced cutting))1 medium Capsicum(green) ((diced cutting))½ yellow bell pepper ((diced cutting))½ Red bell pepper

Cheesy Mug Maggie

Mug Maggie Our all time favourite maggie. But this time its not the same 2 minutes wali maggie. It is with the twist. 2 packs Maggie 2 tbsp Butter3 tbsp Maida½ cup Milk1 tsp Oregano ((As per taste))1 tsp Chilli