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Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee The origin of dalgona coffee is from Macau, South korea. It is bascially made from just 4 ingredients coffee, sugar, water and milk. 2 tbsp Instant coffee2 tbsp Sugar2 tbsp Hot water3 Ice-cubesMilk ((according to

Veggie Puff

Veggie Puff Vegetable Puff is a delicious Tea time snack with Indian style spicy veggies. A snack with crisp and flaky outer layer and mixed vegetable stuffing, is a quick and tasty way of statisfying urge of something

Butter Garlic French Fries

BUTTER GARLIC FRENCH FRIES Potatoes in garlic butter. I mean, C'MON man!? How could you go wrong? This receipe is a defination of comfort food. This is a fancy version of fries. All Time favarutie dish of everyone.
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