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Paneer Chilla

Paneer chilla 100 gram yellow moong daal ((soak it in water for atleast 2 hours))1 tbsp besan1 tbsp maida1 pinch ajwainsalt ((to taste))red chili powder ((to taste))250 grams grated paneerfresh coriander leavesgreen

Ragda Petice

ragda petice 3-4 big potatoes ((boiled and meshed))salt ((as per taste))conflour ((according to the requirement))2-3 tbsp ginger, garlic , chilli pastered chili powdergaram masalajeeracoriander leaves1 onion ((julian cutting)

Corn Tikki

bhutte ki tikki 1 kg Corn (kernels) ((boiled and then crushed))½ tsp SALT½ tsp turmeric powder½ tsp cumin seeds1 tbsp ginger ((chopped))1 tsp green chili ((chopped))1-2 tbsp Coriander½ tsp garam masala½ tsp chat masala½ tsp

Egg Kadai

EGG KADAI ½ Capsicum ((Julian cutting))2 Big Onions ((Julian cutting) (saute it till its light brown in colour))1 inch Ginger 4-5 cloves garlic1 green chilli1½ Egg (Boiled)Fresh coriander leaves5-6 Kaju½ khus- khus2 tsp

Egg Bhurji

Egg Bhurji Egg bhurji also known as "Anda bhurji" is a dish originating from Indian sub-continent. It is a spicy and flavourful scrambled eggs recipe, which is quite famous in the streets of Northern india. It is

Jeera Aloo

Jeera Aloo Jeera aloo is a popular Indian dish where potatoes are cooked with jeera(cumin seeds)! This simple recipe gets done in minutes, you only need handful of ingredients to make this recipe. It is a favourite dish of

Jeera Rice

Jeera Rice Jeera rice is a flavoured Indian rice made by cooking basmati rice with ghee, cumin and fresh cream. Making jeera rice is one of the simplest and only needs a handful of ingredients. This restaurant style jeera rice are

Butter Naan

Naan Naan is the Indian version of bread. It is a Indian flat bread. This dish usually known as roti naan , cooked using Indonesian spices, such as garlic with local taste and can be eaten with gravy or any vegetable. There is a huge

Dal Maharani

Dal Maharani Dal maharani also known as "Dal-Makhani" is a dish originating from the punjab region of India. The primary ingredients of this dish are black lentils(urad), red kidney beans(rajma), butter and cream.

Saanjh Savera

Saanjh Savera Saanjh savera means evening-morning which shows the contrast of colours in the koftas.spinach kofta balls are stuffed with paneer. This dish was first made by the world famous chef Sanjeev Kapoor. 100